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Plugin allows businesses to build web or app as a plugin extension which come with numbers of the browser, native functionality and the OpenAPI. This also allow plugin developer to authorize with the standard merchant information via a signed request and with authorization code access token flow to make plugin to be authenticated.

Plugin Versioning

Everytime the version updating you can perform in the merchant portal, and there's 3 types of the integration type such as url, source code and deeplink.

  • URL will be let you specify the redirect url, so when merchant accessing will go to the URL you specified.
  • Source Code will allow you to upload the source file which having index.html and the rest CSS and JS files.
  • Deeplink similar to URL, let you to specify deeplink and work on the mobile and terminal apps.

Existing Plugin & Partners

There's some existing plugin come from official team and our partners, if you're building pluing as well feel free send an email to and we will update on the list as well.