Get User Profile

Method : GET
Sandbox URL :


To query for ALL users under this merchant.

Request Parameters:#


No request parameter is required for this endpoint.

Response Parameters#

itemObject[]Array of user object(Refer to explanation below)
codeStringSuccessfully call this endpoint. If fail, will return error code object (Refer Appendix 1: Error Codes)"SUCCESS"

Array of store object (item):
idStringUser ID“8190656045166232716”
firstNameStringFirst name of user“MOHAMED”
lastNameStringLast name of user“YUSSUF”
countryCodeStringCountry code of user contact number"60"
phoneNumberStringPhone number of user"377334080"
emailStringEmail address of user""
avatarUrlStringPublic URL to show user’s avatar""
statusStringCurrent status of user“ACTIVE”
storeIdStringStore ID"6170506694335521334"
isActiveBooleanUser active or deactivated statustrue
createdAtDateTimeCreation date time of user"2018-02-12T08:53:13Z"
updatedAtDateTimeLast update date time of user"2018-02-12T08:53:13Z"

Example Response

"item": {
"id": "2728070797661038926",
"firstName": "M",
"lastName": "YUSSUF",
"countryCode": "60",
"phoneNumber": "176473298",
"email": "",
"avatarUrl": "",
"status": "ACTIVE",
"storeId": ["6883264812332703106"],
"isActive": true,
"createdAt": "2018-05-14T09:26:23Z",
"updatedAt": "2018-05-15T03:29:56Z"
"code": "SUCCESS"