Get Store By ID

Method : GET
Sandbox URL :


Use Store ID to check a particular store details.

Request Parameters:#

  • The URL is consists of [base_URL]/v3/store/[store_id]

  • Pass in Store ID in your query

Response Parameters#

itemObject[]Array of store object(Refer to explanation below)
codeStringSuccessfully call this endpoint. If fail, will return error code object (Refer Appendix 1: Error Codes)"SUCCESS"

Array of store object (item):
idStringStore ID"6170506694335521334"
nameStringStore Name"REVENUE MONSTER"
imageUrlStringImage of your Store""
addressLine1StringStore Address 1"B-5-30, 5th Floor, Block Bougainvillea,"
addressLine2StringStore Address 2"PJU 6A, Lebuhraya SPRINT, 10 Boulevard,"
postCodeStringPostcode of store"55100"
cityStringCity of store"Petaling Jaya"
stateStringState of store"Selangor"
countryStringCountry of store"Malaysia"
countryCodeStringCountry code of store contact number"60"
phoneNumberStringPhone number of store"377334080"
geoLocationObject of [String]Geo Location (latitude and longtitude) of store{"Lat": 3.1349857, "Lng": 101.6136659 }
statusStringCurrent status of store"ACTIVE"
createdAtDateTimeCreation date time of store"2018-02-12T08:53:13Z"
updatedAtDateTimeLast update date time of store"2018-02-12T08:53:13Z"

Example Response

"item": {
"id": "1553067214325776225",
"name": "Starbucks",
"imageUrl": "",
"addressLine1": "Berjaya Times Square, Imbi",
"addressLine2": "",
"postCode": "55100",
"city": "Kuala Lumpur",
"state": "W.P. Kuala Lumpur",
"country": "Malaysia",
"countryCode": "60",
"phoneNumber": "1234567890",
"geoLocation": {
"latitude": 3.1421984,
"longitude": 101.71055120000005
"status": "ACTIVE",
"createdAt": "2019-03-20T07:33:34Z",
"updatedAt": "2019-03-20T07:33:34Z"
"code": "SUCCESS"