Get Transaction QR Code/URL By Code

Method : GET
Sandbox URL :

  • To get a specific QR Code previously generated in the system, by inputting code in your query.
  • The URL is consists of [base_URL]/v3/payment/transaction/qrcode/[code]

Request Parameters#


No request parameter is required for this endpoint.

Response Parameters#

itemObjectTransaction object(Refer to explanation below)
codeStringSuccessfully call this endpoint. If fail, will return error code object (Refer Appendix 1: Error Codes)"SUCCESS"

Transaction object (item):
storeIdStringID of store10946114768247530
typeString"DYNAMIC" (days from now), "FIXED" (specific fixed date) or "PERMANENT" (never expire)"PERMANENT"
isPreFillAmountBoolTo indicate QR code has pre-fill amounttrue
currencyTypeStringCurrency notation"MYR"
amountUintAmount of order in cent. Only required when "isPrefillAmount" = true.100
platformString"OPEN_API" (generated through API calls) or "PORTAL" (generated through merchant portal)"PORTAL"
method[]StringRM currently supported method["WECHATPAY","WECHATPAY_MY",
expiryStringObject of expiry(Refer to explanation above)
codeStringEmbedded code in QR"c8ff3df0605a5f20cd6476661072eade"
statusString"VALID" (always valid for static QR) or "REDEEMED" (only applicable to dynamic QR)"VALID"
qrCodeUrlStringEmbedded URL in QR""
redirectUrlStringRedirect URL after QR payment is made""
createdAtDateTimeCreation date time of transaction"2018-03-21T06:41:22Z"
updatedAtDateTimeLast update date time of transaction"2018-03-21T06:41:22Z"

Expiry object (expiry):
typeString"DYNAMIC" (days from now), "FIX" (specific fixed date) or "PERMANENT" (never expire)"PERMANENT"
dayUintOnly required by "DYNAMIC" expiry type. To indicate number of days from now until expiry.3
expiredAtDateTimeOnly required by "FIXED". To indicate specific expiry date."2020-10-07T17:44:26.679908+08:00"

Example Response

"item": {
"storeId": "10946114768247530",
"type": "STATIC",
"isPreFillAmount": true,
"currencyType": "MYR",
"amount": 100,
"platform": "PORTAL",
"method": ["WECHATPAY"],
"expiry": {
"type": "PERMANENT",
"day": 0,
"expiredAt": "2050-12-31T23:59:59Z"
"code": "a669adc3b06fe5cef977cc762f40ce8c",
"status": "VALID",
"qrCodeUrl": "",
"createdAt": "2018-06-25T02:29:28Z",
"updatedAt": "2018-06-25T02:29:28Z"
"code": "SUCCESS"