Get Transaction By Code

Method : GET
Sandbox URL :

  • To get all transactions under existing QR code, by inputting code in your query.
  • The URL is consists of [base_URL]/v3/payment/transaction/qrcode/[code]/transactions :::

Request Parameters#

No request parameter is required for this endpoint. :::

Response Parameters#

items[]ObjectTransaction object(Refer to explanation below)
codeStringSuccessfully call this endpoint. If fail, will return error code object (Refer Appendix 1: Error Codes)"SUCCESS"

Transaction object array (items):
storeObjectStore object(Refer to explanation below)
referenceIdStringTransaction ID (from WeChat server)""
transactionIdStringTransaction ID (from RM server)"152161448229438994"
orderObjectOrder object(Refer to explanation below)
terminalIdStringID of terminal (Optional, if the payment is made through terminal)""
currencyTypeStringCurrency notation"MYR"
balanceAmountUintTotal available amount (= total received amount - total refunded amount). In this case, amount 100 is failed, so no amount is received.0
platformString"OPEN_API" (generated through API calls) or "PORTAL" (generated through merchant portal)"OPEN_API"
methodStringRM currently supported method["WECHATPAY","WECHATPAY_MY",
errorStringError message only if transaction failed (optional){message": "Payment timeout"}
transactionAtDateTimeTransaction date time (from wallet server)"2018-08-02T09:34:53"
typeStringCan support "QUICK_PAY" , "QR_PAY""QUICK_PAY" or "QR_PAY"
statusStringTransaction status returned from wallet server, "SUCCESS" or "IN_PROCESS" or "FAILED". "IN_PROCESS" means user scanned and making payment."FAILED"
regionStringRegion of wallet, "MALAYSIA" or "CHINA""MALAYSIA"
createdAtDateTimeCreation date time of transaction (from RM server)"2018-08-02T09:34:53"
updatedAtDateTimeLast update date time of transaction"2018-08-02T09:34:53"

Store object (store):
idStringStore ID"6170506694335521334"
nameStringStore Name"REVENUE MONSTER"
addressLine1StringStore Address 1"B-5-30, 5th Floor, Block Bougainvillea,"
addressLine2StringStore Address 2"PJU 6A, Lebuhraya SPRINT, 10 Boulevard,"
postCodeStringPostcode of store"47400"
cityStringCity of store"Petaling Jaya"
stateStringState of store"Selangor"
countryStringCountry of store"Malaysia"
countryCodeStringCountry code of store contact number"60"
phoneNumberStringPhone number of store"377334080"
geoLocationObject of [String]Geo Location (latitude and longtitude) of store{"Lat": 3.1349857, "Lng": 101.6136659 }
statusStringCurrent status of store"ACTIVE"
createdAtDateTimeCreation date time of store"2018-02-12T08:53:13Z"
updatedAtDateTimeLast update date time of store"2018-02-12T08:53:13Z"

Database object (meta):
countUintCurrent page record1

Example Response

"items": [
"store": {
"id": "10946114768247530",
"name": "One Utama",
"addressLine1": "ANYTHING",
"addressLine2": "",
"postCode": "48484",
"city": "KUALA LUMPUR",
"state": "W.P. KUALA LUMPUR",
"country": "MALAYSIA",
"countryCode": "60",
"phoneNumber": "12312341234",
"geoLocation": {
"latitude": 0,
"longitude": 0
"status": "ACTIVE",
"createdAt": "2018-06-03T08:53:48Z",
"updatedAt": "2018-06-03T08:53:48Z"
"referenceId": "",
"transactionId": "180802093420010425899434",
"order": {
"id": "180802093420010425899434",
"title": "title",
"detail": "detail",
"additionalData": "",
"amount": 100
"terminalId": "",
"currencyType": "MYR",
"balanceAmount": 0,
"platform": "OPEN_API",
"method": "WECHATPAY",
"error": {
"message": "Payment timeout"
"transactionAt": "2018-08-02T09:34:53Z",
"type": "QUICK_PAY",
"status": "FAILED",
"region": "MALAYSIA",
"createdAt": "2018-08-02T09:34:20Z",
"updatedAt": "2018-08-02T09:34:53Z"
"code": "SUCCESS",
"meta": {
"count": 1