Revenue Monster (mentioned as RM) Open APIs allow developers to manage payments, users, stores, loyalty, and social media through RESTful API or SDK. All RM products have API for most of its core functionalities. Start with our comprehensive API to reimagine your business.

API Environment Summary

There are two services for our API (OAuth and Open API), both for sandbox and production environment. OAuth server is for authentication, Open API server is for core functions. You may test with sandbox endpoints before going production. You can self-sign up for sandbox access and contact sandbox@revenuemonster.my to activate your sandbox account.

Sandbox Environment#

API Server -> https://sb-oauth.revenuemonster.my
Authentication Server -> https://sb-open.revenuemonster.my

Production Environment#

API Server -> https://oauth.revenuemonster.my
Authentication Server -> https://open.revenuemonster.my

Before You Start

Go to Merchant Portal or Sandbox Merchant Portal to sign up as merchant.

Submit all required documents as shown in the merchant portal and get approval from our admin. If you need more assistance, please contact us at bd@revenuemonster.my.


The following steps document the RESTful API. For language specific SDK(s), please refer to the SDK section. need to change URL