Error Codes

Error CodesDescriptionSolution
InvalidRequest:The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed.Refer to request paramenter(s) as described in API documentation and retry again.
InvalidGrant:Invalid grantCheck redirect URI (must be exactly the same as request URI query string)
InvalidClient:Invalid clientClient is not registered in our system, please try again with correct clientId, clientSecret.
InvalidCode:Invalid authorization codeThis is not the correct authorization code generated from our system, please request a new authorization code again.
InActiveClient:Client mode is inactiveThis client/application is disabled, login to Merchant Portal and reactivate it.
InvalidScope:The requested scope is invalid, unknown, or malformed.1. Check scope, currently only support manage_payment, manage_store, get_merchant_profile, get_user_profile. 2. Check scope of this user, requested scope cannot be greater than user scope in our system.
UnAuthorizedClient:The client is not authorized to request this method.Use other client to request this method.
UnSupportedGrantType:Unsupported grant typeCurrently we only support grant types of Client Credentials, Authorization Code and Refresh Token.
UnSupportedResponseType:The authorization server does not support obtaining an authorization code using this method.Use responseType=code in request URI query string and try again.
AccessDenied:The resource owner or authorization server denied the requestUser is inactivated in our system, please try again.
InternalError:The authorization server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the requestIf this condition persists, please contact our customer support.
TemporaryUnAvailable:The authorization server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overloading or maintenance of the serverIf this condition persists, please contact our customer support.

Other Error Codes#

Error MessageDescription
ALIPAY_CHINA_NOT_ACTIVEAlipay China is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for Alipay (016-6999168 /
ACCESS_TOKEN_READ_FAILCannot read access token file
ACCOUNT_FROZENYour account has been frozen. Please contact support.
ACCOUNT_INACTIVEUser account is inactive
ACCOUNT_NOT_FOUNDAccount does not exist
ACCOUNT_SUSPENDEDThis account is temporarily locked
AGREEMENT_ALREADY_SIGNEDAgreement already signed
AGREEMENT_NOT_FOUNDAgreement not found
AGREMENT_NOT_SIGNEDAgreement not signed
ACCESS_TOKEN_FAILFail to request access token
ALIPAY_CLIENT_DUPLICATEAlipay client duplicate
ALREADY_MASTER_MERCHANTAlready master merchant
API_ENDPOINT_NOT_FOUNDThe api endpoint does not exist
API_INACTIVEThis API version is no longer active. Please migrate to API v3
AUTH_CODE_EXPIREDCustomer code expired. Please scan again.
AUTH_CODE_INVALIDCustomer code expired. Please scan again.
AUTH_CODE_MIS_MATCHInvalid Customer Code
AUTH_CODE_USEDCustomer code has already been used. Please refresh for another transaction.
AUTHORIZATION_HEADER_NOT_ALLOWEDAuthorization header is not allowed
BANK_ERRORBank system error
BOOST_MALAYSIA_NOT_ACTIVEBoost Malaysia is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for Boost.
BUSINESS_CATEGORY_NOT_FOUNDBusiness category not found
BUYER_ACCOUNT_ERRORCustomer account error
BUYER_ACCOUNT_IN_ACTIVECustomer account is inactive
CAMPAIGN_NOT_FOUNDCampaign not found
CANNOT_UPDATE_SAME_PHONE_NUMBERCannot update the same phone number
CHOP_STAMP_NOT_ACTIVEChop stamp not active
CHOP_STAMP_NOT_FOUNDChop stamp not found
CHOP_STAMP_QUANTITY_EXCEEDExceeded the number of chop stamp card
CLIENT_INVALIDInvalid client
CLIENT_NO_PERMISSIONDeveloper application does not have permission to access
CLIENT_NOT_AUTHORIZE_STOREMercahant don't have the authorize to enter this store
CLIENT_NOT_FOUNDDeveloper application client not found
CLIENT_NOT_SET_PUBLIC_KEYDeveloper application does not set public key
CLIENT_PRODUCT_NOT_SETUPDeveloper application product not setup
CLIENT_PRODUCT_SUBSCRIBEDDeveloper application already subscribed to product
COMPANY_TYPE_NOT_FOUNDCompany type not found
CUSTOMER_REACHED_TRANSACTION_LIMITCustomer has reached their transaction limit
DAILY_PAYMENT_EXCEEDEDDaily payment limit exceeded
DEFAULT_STORE_DELETE_NOT_ALLOWEDDefault store not allowed to delete
DOES_NOT_ALLOW_MULTIPLE_BATCH_PROCESSINGDoes not allow multiple batch processing
DOES_NOT_HAVE_ACTIVE_WALLETDoes not have active wallet. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate wallet
EMAIL_DUPLICATEEmail address already exists
EMAIL_NOT_FOUNDEmail address not found
EXCEEDED_LIMITRate limit exceeded
EXCEED_TIME_FOR_REVERSE_TRANSACTIONExceeded time for reversal of transaction
EXPIRY_INVALIDInvalid expiry type
EXPIRY_MINMin expiry day
FAILED_TO_REVERSE_ORDERFailed to reverse order
FILE_NOT_FOUNDFile not found
GENERIC_TEMPLATE_INVALIDInvalid generic template
GRABPAY_MALAYSIA_MERCHANT_ID_NOT_SETGrabPay Malaysia is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for GrabPay
GRABPAY_MALAYSIA_NOT_ACTIVEGrabPay Malaysia is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for GrabPay
GRANT_TYPE_INVALIDInvalid grant type
INSUFFICIENT_CARD_BALANCEInsufficient customer balance
INSUFFICIENT_LOYALTY_BALANCEInsufficient loyalty balance
INSUFFICIENT_MERCHANT_BALANCEInsufficient merchant balance
INSUFFICIENT_REFUND_AMOUNTInsufficient refund amount
INTERNAL_ERRORInternal error
INVALID_APP_IDInvalid parameters
INVALID_CLIENTInvalid client
INVALID_ENCRYPTIONInvalid encryption
INVALID_FILEInvalid file
INVALID_FORMATInvalid format
INVALID_IDInvalid id
INVALID_LOYALTY_CREDIT_CODEInvalid loyalty credit code
INVALID_OTP_CODEInvalid otp code
INVALID_PARAMETERInvalid parameters
INVALID_PARAMETER_IDInvalid parameter id
INVALID_PAYMENT_SUBSCRIPTION_METHODInvalid payment subscription method
INVALID_PRIVATE_KEYInvalid private key
INVALID_PUBLIC_KEYInvalid public key
INVALID_REQUESTInvalid request
INVALID_REQUEST_SIGNATUREThe request signature is invalid
INVALID_SCOPEInvalid scope
INVALID_SIGNATUREInvalid signature
INVALID_TERMINAL_TOKENInvalid terminal token. Please contact Revenue Monster support
INVALID_TIMESTAMPCould not authenticate - Timestamp
KEYWORD_DUPLICATEDuplicate keyword
KEYWORD_KEY_INVALIDInvalid keyword key
KEYWORD_NOT_FOUNDKeyword not found
LIST_TEMPLATE_INVALIDInvalid list template
LOYALTY_BATCH_ALREADY_GENERATE_CSVCSV for loyalty batch has already been generated
LOYALTY_BATCH_ALREADY_ZIPLoyalty batch has already been zipped
LOYALTY_BIRTHDAY_FIELD_NOT_REQUIREDBirth date field not required
LOYALTY_CREDIT_NOT_ENABLEDLoyalty credit not enabled
LOYALTY_EXPIREDLoyalty point expired
LOYALTY_GENERATE_ERRORError in generating loyalty point
LOYALTY_MEMBER_REGISTRATION_TOO_MANYCreating too many members, limit is 1,000
LOYALTY_NOT_CORRECT_FORMATLoyalty not correct format
LOYALTY_NOT_FOUNDLoyalty not found
LOYALTY_NOT_SUBSCRIBEDNot subscribed to loyalty program
LOYALTY_POINT_ALREADY_REDEEMEDLoyalty point already redeemed
LOYALTY_POINT_IS_PROCESSINGLoyalty point is proccessing
LOYALTY_POINT_MISSINGLoyalty point missing for certain custom id
LOYALTY_QUANTITY_MAXMember has exceeded the maximum quantity of loyalty points
LOYALTY_SPENDING_NOT_ALLOWEDLoyalty spending not allowed
LOYALTY_SPENDING_NOT_FOUNDLoyalty spending not found
LOYALTY_STATUS_ERRORError in updating status
MARKET_PLACE_VOUCHER_ALREADY_REQUESTEDMarketplace voucher already requested
MARKET_PLACE_VOUCHER_EXCEED_QUANTITYMarketplace voucher exceed quantity
MARKET_PLACE_VOUCHER_NOT_FOUNDMarketplace voucher not found
MASTER_MERCHANT_CANNOT_SAME_MERCHANTMaster merchant cannot be your own
MASTER_MERCHANT_NOT_SUBSCRIBEMaster Merchant not subscribed to this product
MASTER_MERCHANT_SUBSCRIPTION_EXPIREDMaster Merchant subscription expired
MASTER_MERCHANT_SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_ACTIVEMaster merchant subscription not active
MAX_VALUEAccount update failed: value is too long (maximum is n characters)
MAX_VALUE_MEMBER_TIERReach maximum limit for member tier
MAX_VALUE_ROLEReach maximum limit for creating Role
MAYBANK_FAIL_TO_CANCELLEDMaybank failed to cancel
MAYBANK_KEY_EXPIREDMaybank key expired
MAYBANK_KEY_NOT_FOUNDMaybank key not found
MAYBANK_MALAYSIA_MERCHANT_ID_NOT_SETMaybank Malaysia is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for Maybank
MAYBANK_MALAYSIA_NOT_ACTIVEMaybank Malaysia is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for Maybank
MEMBER_NOT_FOUNDMember not found
MEMBER_NOT_MERCHANTMember not belongs to merchant
MEMBER_PARENT_INVALIDInvalid member parent
MEMBER_REGISTEREDMember already registered
MEMBER_TIER_MAXReached max member tier
MEMBER_TIER_NOT_FOUNDMember Tier not found
MERCHANT_CHOP_STAMP_EXPIREDMerchant chop stamp event has expired
MERCHANT_CHOP_STAMP_NOT_FOUNDMerchant chop stamp event not found
MERCHANT_CHOP_STAMP_NOT_STARTEDMerchant chop stamp event not started
MERCHANT_GALLERY_NOT_FOUNDMerchant gallery not found
MERCHANT_ID_INVALIDInvalid merchant id
MERCHANT_INACTIVEMerchant account is inactive
MERCHANT_KEY_INVALIDInvalid merchant key
MERCHANT_MDR_NOT_SETMerchant mdr not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set.
MERCHANT_NOT_ACTIVEMerchant not active
MERCHANT_NOT_FOUNDMerchant not found
MERCHANT_NOT_HAVE_MASTER_MERCHANTMerchant does not have master merchant
MERCHANT_NOT_HAVE_PARTNERMerchant does not have partner
MERCHANT_NOT_SAMEMerchant not same
MERCHANT_NOT_SETUPMerchant not setup
MERCHANT_REQUESTED_JOINMerchant already requested to join as sub-merchant
MERCHANT_REQUESTED_JOIN_NOT_FOUNDMerchant join request not found
MERCHANT_SUSPENDEDMerchant suspended
MERCHANT_VERIFIEDMerchant profile is verified
MESSAGE_TYPE_NOT_FUNDMessage type not found
MESSENGER_ACCOUNT_EXISTSMessenger account already exist
MESSENGER_CODE_EXPIREDMessenger code expired
MESSENGER_INVALID_TOKENInvalid messenger token
MESSENGER_MEMBER_DUPLICATEMessenger member registered
MESSENGER_OWNER_ALLOW_CONNECTOnly messenger owner allowed to connect
MESSENGER_OWNER_INVALIDInvalid messenger owner
MESSENGER_PAGE_DUPLICATEDuplicate messenger page
MESSENGER_PAGE_NOT_FOUNDMessenger page not found
METHOD_NOT_ALLOWEDMethod not allowed
MINIMUM_AMOUNT_REQUIREDMinimum amount should be 10sen
MIN_PTS_DUPLICATEMin point exists in member tier
MONEY_PACKET_EXPIREDMoney packet has expired
MONEY_PACKET_NOT_FOUNDMoney packet not found
MONEY_PACKET_NOT_REDEEMEDMoney packet redeemed
NINE_GRID_MERCHANT_NOT_ALLOW_PAYMENTNine Grid merchant not allowed to make payment
NO_ACCESSThis application is not allowed access
NO_APP_IDMissing parameter
NO_MERCHANT_IDMissing parameter
NO_METHODMissing parameter
NOT_ALLOW_DELETE_APPROVED_JOIN_REQUESTDelete and join requests not allowed
NOT_ALLOW_LINK_PRODUCTIONNot allow link for production
NOT_ALLOW_REFUNDRefund not allowed
NOT_AUTHCould not authenticate
NOT_AUTHORIZE_USER_STOREUser store is not authorized
NOT_MASTER_MERCHANTNot a master merchant
NOT_MASTER_MERCHANT_ACCOUNTNot a master merchant account
NOT_NINER_GRID_MERCHANTNot a Nine Grid merchant
NOT_PARTNER_ACCOUNTNot a partner account
NOT_PERMITTEDNot permitted to perform this action.
NOT_SUBSCRIBEMerchant not subscribed to this product
NOT_TERMNAL_TRANSACTIONTransaction not allowed due to different terminal
NOT_USER_STORENot user store
OLD_PW_INVALIDInvalid old password
ONLY_FREE_TIER_PLUGINOnly free tier plugin
ONLY_OWNER_ALLOW_FOR_E_AGREEMENTOnly owner allow see E-Agreement
OPEN_FAILFail to request open ID
ORDER_CANCELLEDOrder cancelled
ORDER_ID_DUPLICATEOrder id duplicate
ORDER_NOT_PAIDOrder not paid
ORDER_PAIDOrder already paid
ORIGIN_INVALIDInvalid origin type
OVERLOADOver capacity
OWNER_NOT_ALLOWED_CREATECreate owner not allowed
OWNER_NOT_ALLOWED_DELETEDelete owner is not allowed
OWNER_NOT_ALLOWED_UPDATEUpdate owner is not allowed
PAGE_NOT_FOUNDSorry, that page does not exist
PARTNER_MDR_NOT_SETPartner mdr is not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set the partner mdr
PARTNER_NOT_FOUNDPartner not found
PARTNER_NOT_SAMEPartner not same
PASSWORD_INVALIDEmail address or password is wrong
PASSWORD_NOT_STRENGTHPassword is not strong enough
PASSWORD_REQUIREDPending customer password
PAYMENT_AMT_INVALIDInvalid amount format
PAYMENT_CURRENCY_INVALIDPayment currency is invalid
PAYMENT_EXCEED_AMOUNT_LIMIT_PER_TRANSACTIONTransaction amount is over the limit
PAYMENT_EXCEED_AMOUNT_PER_DAYPayment exceed amount per day
PAYMENT_EXCEED_AMOUNT_PER_MONTHPayment exceed amount for per month
PAYMENT_EXCEED_NO_TRANSACTION_PER_DAYExceed number of daily transactions
PAYMENT_EXCEED_AMOUNT_LIMIT_PER_MONTHExceed number of monthly transactions
PAYMENT_FULLY_REFUNDEDPayment already refunded
PAYMENT_LIMIT_NOT_SETPayment limit not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set the limit
PAYMENT_PARAM_INVALIDInvalid payment params
PAYMENT_REDIRECTMerchant ID and redirect URL not found
PAYMENT_REFUND_AMOUNT_EXCEED_PER_DAYAmount of refund transactions has exceeded sales amount of the day
PAYMENT_REFUNDINGRefund is still being processed
PAYMENT_SCAN_INVALIDInvalid platform scan
PAYMENT_TIMEOUTPayment timeout
PHONE_DUPLICATEPhone number already exists
PIN_INVALIDPin is invalid
PLATFORM_NOT_FOUNDPlatform not found
PLUGIN_ALREADY_INSTALLEDPlugin already installed
PLUGIN_NOT_ALLOW_TO_UPDATE_PRICINGPlugin not allowed to update pricing
PLUGIN_NOT_FOUNDPlugin not found
PLUGIN_NOT_INSTALLEDPlugin not installed
PLUGIN_NOT_VERIFIEDPlugin not verified
PLUGIN_SHOULD_GREATE_THAN_PREVIOUS_VERSIONPlugin version should be greater than previous version
PRESTO_MALAYSIA_NOT_ACTIVEPresto Malaysia is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for Presto
PRESTO_MDR_NOT_SETPresto mdr not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set.
PRESTO_MERCHANT_ID_NOT_SETPresto merchant id not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set the merchant id
PRIVATE_KEY_READ_FILECannot read private key
PRODUCT_SUBSCRIPTION_ACTIVEProduct subscription is active
QR_INVALIDInvalid QR code
QR_REDEEMEDQR code redeemed
QUICK_PAY_NOT_REGISTEREDUser is not registered with Quick Pay
RECONCILIATION_NOT_FOUNDReconciliation record not found
REDEMPTION_MERCHANT_INVALIDInvalid redemption rule merchant
REDEMTION_PARENT_INVALIDInvalid redemption rule parent key
REDEMPTION_RULE_KEY_FOUNDInvalid redemption rule key
REDEMPTION_RULE_LIMIT_REACHEDReached the voucher limit per member
REDEMPTION_RULE_NOT_FOUNDRedemption rule not found
REFUND_AMT_NOT_SAME_AS_TOTAL_AMOUNTRefund amount not same as total amount
REFUND_AMT_NOT_SAME_AS_TRANSACTIONRefund amount not same as transaction amount
REFUND_PAYMENT_NOT_FOUNDRefund payment not found
REFUND_PIN_INVALIDWrong pin number
REFUND_USER_NOT_FOUNDRefund user not found
REPORT_NOT_FOUNDReport does not exist
RESET_KEY_INVALIDInvalid password reset key
RESET_LINK_EXPIREDPassword reset link expired
RESOURCE_GONEResource no longer exists
ROLE_KEY_INVALIDInvalid role key
ROLE_NOT_FOUNDRole not found
SCOPE_NOT_FOUNDScope not found
SHOULD_HAVE_INDEX_FILEShould have index.html file
SIGNATURE_INVALIDInvalid signature
SMS_FAILFailed to send SMS
SPAMSuspicious activity
SPENDING_DUPLICATESpending loyalty set
SPENDING_NOT_FOUNDNo spending loyalty
STORE_INVALID_FORMATStore format invalid
STORE_KEY_INVALIDInvalid store key
STORE_MAXIMUMMaximum store that can be created is 10
STORE_NOT_FOUNDStore not found
STORE_NOT_SETStore not set
SUB_MERCHANT_DOES_NOT_ALLOWED_LOYALTYSub merchant not allowed to access loyalty
SUBSCRIPTION_EXISTSMerchant already subscribed to this product.
SUBSCRIPTION_EXPIREDMerchant subscription expired
SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_ACTIVEYou have not subscribed to this product
SUBSCRIPTION_NOT_FOUNDSubscription not found
SYSTEM_ERRORSystem timed out
TAC_LIMITTAC code limit has been reached
TAC_REQUIREDUser TAC code is required
TAC_SENTTAC code has sent
TEMPLATE_BODY_INVALIDInvalid template body
TEMPLATE_KEY_INVALIDInvalid template key
TEMPLATE_KEYWORD_DUPLICATEInvalid template keyword
TEMPLATE_MESSAGE_DRAFTDraft template message
TEMPLATE_MESSAGE_DUPLICATEInvalid template message
TEMPLATE_NOT_FOUNDTemplate not found
TERMINAL_ALREADY_REGISTEREDTerminal already registered
TERMINAL_INACTIVETerminal is not active
TERMINAL_NO_PERMISSIONTerminal does not have permission to access
TERMINAL_NOT_FOUNDTerminal not found
TERMINAL_REFUND_TOKEN_INVALIDTerminal refund token invalid
TERMINAL_SERIAL_ALREADY_EXISTTerminal serial already exist
TERMINAL_SERIAL_NOT_FOUNDTerminal serial not found
TNG_MALAYSIA_NOT_ACTIVETNG Malaysia is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for TNG
TOKEN_EXPIREDInvalid or expired token
TOKEN_INVALIDUnable to verify your credentials
TOKEN_SUSPENDEDAccess token suspended
TRANSACTION_DUPLICATEDuplicate order number
TRANSACTION_EXPIREDTransaction has expired
TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUNDNo payment transaction
TRANSACTION_PAIDTransaction already paid
TRANSACTION_QR_CODE_NOT_FOUNDTransaction qr code not found
TRANSACTION_STATUS_FAILEDPayment transaction status failed
TRANSACTION_STATUS_NOT_IN_PROCESSTransaction status is not being processed
TRANSACTIN_STATUS_NOT_SUCCESSTransaction status not successful
UNIQUE_CODE_DUPLICATEDuplicate unique code
UNIQUE_CODE_EMPTYEmpty unique code
UNIQUE_CODE_INVALIDInvalid unique code
UNSUPPORTED_JSAPI_METHODUnsupported method for jsapi
UNSUPPORTED_JSAPI_REGIONUnsupported region for jsapi
UNSUPPORTED_METHOD_PAYMENT_REFUNDUnsupported payment refund method
UNSUPPORTED_METHOD_REVERSEUnsupported method for reverse
USER_ALREADY_REGISTEREDUser already registered
USER_CANNOT_UPDATE_OWN_ACCOUNTUser cannot update own account
USER_CREATE_FAILUnauthorized to create user
USER_DELETE_FAILUnauthorized to delete user
USER_DEVICE_NOT_FOUNDUser device not found
USER_DUPLICATEUser account already exist
USER_KEY_INVALIDInvalid user key
USER_NO_PERMISSIONUser does not have permission to access
USER_NOT_ACTIVEUser not active
USER_NOT_CREATE_ACCOUNTUser cannot create account
USER_NOT_FOUNDUser not found
USER_PIN_CODE_INVALIDInvalid user pin code
USER_PROFILE_NOT_FOUNDUser login profile not found
USER_SUSPENDEDUser has been suspended
VALIDATION_ERRORValidations error
V_EMAIL_NOT_FOUNDUser verification email not found
VERIFICATION_CODE_ALREADY_REQUESTEDVerification code already requested
VERIFICATION_CODE_INVALIDVerification code invalid
VERIFICATION_CODE_REACH_DAILY_LIMITVerification code requests have reached daily limit
VERIFICATION_TOKEN_INVALIDInvalid verification token
VERIFICATION_TYPE_NOT_FOUNDVerification code type not found
V_LINK_EXPIREDVerification link has expired
VOUCHER_BATCH_EXPIREDVoucher batch expired
VOUCHER_BATCH_KEY_INVALIDVoucher batch key is invalid
VOUCHER_BATCH_NOT_ENOUGH_QUANTITYVoucher batch not enough quantity
VOUCHER_BATCH_NOT_FOUNDVoucher batch not found
VOUCHER_COMBO_EXPIREDVoucher combo expired
VOUCHER_COMBO_NOT_ENOUGH_QUANTITYVoucher combo not enough quantity
VOUCHER_COMBO_NOT_FOUNDVoucher combo not found
VOUCHER_INSUFFICIENTInsufficient voucher batch
VOUCHER_NOT_ALLOW_VOIDVoucher not allow to void
VOUCHER_NOT_FOUNDVoucher not found
VOUCHER_NOT_MERCHANTVoucher does not belongs to merchant
VOUCHER_NOT_MINIMUM_AMOUNTVoucher does not meet minimum amount
VOUCHER_NOT_REDEEMEDVoucher has not been redeemed
VOUCHER_REDEEMEDVoucher redeemed
VOUCHER_REDEEMED_INVALIDVoucher redeemed is invalid
VOUCHER_REDEEM_MAXVoucher has reached maximum redemption limit
VOUCHER_SOLD_OUTVoucher sold out
WECHAT_ACCOUNT_DUPLICATEWeChat account already exists
WECHAT_PAGE_NOT_FOUNDWechat page not found
WECHATPAY_CHINA_MDR_NOT_SETWeChat Pay China mdr not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set.
WECHATPAY_CHINA_MERCHANT_ID_NOT_SETWeChat Pay China merchant id not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set the merchant id
WECHATPAY_CHINA_NOT_ACTIVEWeChat Pay China is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for WeChat Pay
WECHATPAY_CLIENT_DUPLICATEWechat Pay client duplicate
WECHATPAY_CLIENT_NOT_FOUNDWechat Pay client not found
WECHATPAY_MALAYSIA_MDR_NOT_SETWeChat Pay Malaysia mdr not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set.
WECHATPAY_MALAYSIA_MERCHANT_ID_NOT_SETWeChat Pay Malaysia merchant id not set. Please contact Revenue Monster to set the merchant id
WECHATPAY_MALAYSIA_NOT_ACTIVEWeChat Pay Malaysia is not active. Please contact Revenue Monster to activate merchant for WeChat Pay
WECHAT_PHONE_INVALIDInvalid WeChat phone number
WECHAT_TEMPLATE_MESSAGE_FAILEDWeChat template message failed
TOO_MANY_REQUEST_PER_SECONDReached maximum request limit per second