Issue Voucher

Method : POST
Url :

Sandbox Url :


To issue vouchers for customer.

Request Parameters#

  • The URL is consists of [base_URL]/v3/voucher-batch/[batchkey]/issue.

  • [base_URL] is the base URL depending on your environment (Sandbox or production)

  • [batchkey] can be retrieved by viewing at merchant portal or using endpoint Get voucher By Batches

  • Pass an empty JSON object Example: {}

Response Parameters#

itemObjectVoucher object(Refer to explanation below)
codeStringSuccessfully call this endpoint. If fail, will return error code object (Refer Appendix 1: Error Codes)"SUCCESS"

Voucher object (item):
codeStringVoucher Code, members can keep this code for future redemption. Same as the qrURL below except this code is not a URL."NAklEfbVdV"
qrUrlStringQR code for user to scan with Wechat or Facebook to add the voucher into their member account.QR Url link (refer to below code)

Example Response

"item": {
"code": "NAklEfbVdV",
"qrUrl": "http://api.local.rm:8080/qr/4118165203679668885/voucher/NAklEfbVdV"
"code": "SUCCESS"